Critical Incident Stress Management CISM Perspectives
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Critical Incident Stress Management CISM Perspectives
Critical Incident Stress Management CISM Perspectives
Critical Incident Stress Management CISM Perspectives
Critical Incident Stress Management CISM Perspectives

Southeast Quadrant MCCU to Create LODD Pre-Plan
February 9, 2015

Yet another emergency services agency has begun a LODD Pre-Planning project with CISM Perspectives. We welcome the Southeast Quadrant MCCU or better known as SEQ to our training and consulting program: 'Tradition, Honor, Respect'. SEQ has formed a LODD Project Committee and will be working extensively with CISM Perspectives to begin to take on probably the least talked about and faced topic in our type of business. The project will begin this week and will take anywhere from 4-5 months to full completion. The unfortunate fact is that more of the Fire and Police departments have any type of LODD SOP or SOG in place then does most EMS agencies. It's a must having a plan that is comprehensive enough to go beyond just the first few days after the LODD incident, but also to support the surviving family long after the funeral is over. An extremely important component in any LODD Pre-Plan.

All too often, sadly the surviving family is, at times, overwhelmed by the onslaught of 'promises' of "Call me if you need anything.", or "I'll be there whenever you need me." All well intentioned statements, but the norm is after a few weeks, there is this 'barrier' of loneliness and the phone rarely rings which only deepens and makes more difficult the grief and bereavement process. This is especially important if there are surviving children.

The SEQ Pre-Plan will cover that topic in-depth as well as the dozens of other mission critical steps and tasks. Congratulations to the leadership of SEQ and moving forward on a crucial topic and need!

North Greece Fire Department to Offer CISM Training
January 30, 2015

CISM Perspectives is very pleased and excited that Assistant Chief Dorgan of the North Greece Fire Department (NGFD) announced today that they will be formally training all of the NGFD line officers on in-depth awareness, myths and facts on and about Critical Incident Stress recognition, PTSD and Suicide Awareness, frank discussions on individual responder self-care, what local resources are readily available 24/7/365 and how to best take care of their own after critical and traumatic calls and events.

They will be using CISM PERSPECTIVES suite of Responder Wellness training programs for the entire project. Chief Dorgan was quoted saying "All of our members and staff are the most important resource to do what we do everyday and we need to invest in their wellness before, during and especially after those few calls that may stick with them and don't easily go away."

It's estimated that the full training will begin in early February, exact date(s) are TBD.

Congratulations to the entire NGFD for stepping up and forward, and looking at the numerous basic ways to truly invest in your people and their well being not just now, but for well into the future.

Boston MedFlight Partners with CISM Perspectives
January 10, 2015

New England's largest and most progressive HEMS group, Boston MedFlight ( has contracted with CISM Perspectives, Inc. to help them create a complete LODD pre-plan and consult on their Catastrophic Event Plan.

While still a large part of the EMS services, HEMS work and needs are just that much different and with critically high stakes and practices in overall safety and patient care.

We are 50% done with the project at this point with all of the customized check-sheets, Honors Matrix, Family Liaison Checklist, proper flag folding, how to write an eulogy from the heart and now we are beginning to shape the actual LODD SOP.

It been a very uniquely different LODD project with new nomenclature to to learn and just how many safety redundancies that are part of the total mission, from first phone call to returning to their base.

Previous to the LODD project, I spent 3 hours with all of their senior staff, the CEO and other key personnel teaching a Death Notification Class, that was the actual very beginning of the overall project.

Plans are targeted to be completed by mid-February 2015.

CISM Perspectives To Present LODD Program To NYS Sheriff's Association

CISM Perspectives has been asked to present a LODD program at the New York State Sheriffs Association's Winter Conference, February 18th, 2014 in Albany New York.

Main topics to be covered are the top risks of the aftermath any agency will have to attempt to manage when they experience a LODD and not having an organized, comprehensive pre-plan in place. As well, how this directly impacts the affected agency getting back to a sense of functionality, first, and to the goal of building what is referred to as the 'New Normal.'

One other key message will be the motto of "Moving on does not mean you are forgetting" and how to use that as part of the New Normal building process.

Look for updates once we return form the conference!

CISM Perspectives Announces Relationship with Knoxville Police Department

April 29, 2011 - Daniel McGuire, President of CISM Perspectives, announced today that the firm will be working extensively with the Knoxville Police Department, Knoxville, TN, to plan for and respond to incidents when a police officer is killed in the line of duty.

“We are very pleased to be working with such a large and progressive police department as Knoxville,” stated McGuire. “Although we have worked with many local and regional fire and EMS agencies on this difficult topic, the Knoxville project represents our biggest challenge to date, as we provide information and guidance to a police department with hundreds of officers and civil employees.”

“Our nationally recognized training and consulting program Tradition, Honor, Respect™, which focuses on how any emergency services agency needs to pre-plan and respond appropriately when one of their own is killed in the line of duty, will now be used by our largest customer in CISM Perspectives’ 12 years of professional services,” McGuire added. McGuire is also a board certified grief counselor who specializes in educating and supporting all types of emergency responders. CISM Perspectives is a Rochester, NY, based consulting and training company that works comprehensively with police, fire, and EMS agencies on a topic that is often overlooked. The grim reality persists that, in the United States, we lose more than one police officer, firefighter, or EMT every day due to line of duty deaths.

“One of the key deliverables with a project like this is to enable any emergency responder agency’s leadership to avoid the two most haunting questions that emerge once the funerals and memorials are over. Those two questions are: ‘Did we do it right?” and ‘Did we do enough?’ The answers to those questions will have repercussions for the surviving family as well as the surviving department.”

McGuire emphasized, “The regrettable common denominator in the emergency services is that most departments do not have any type of pre-plan or manual to help them though what we refer to as a ‘high-definition event,’ one that will remain with those left behind, for years to come. Having carefully planned and tradition-guided steps, logistics, and proper death notification tools can greatly lessen the traumatic impact and resulting grief difficulties. Departments that prepare for the worst will be equipped to affirm that yes, we did it right and we did do enough.” The Knoxville project begins on May 3, 2011, and will continue throughout the next several months until completion.

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